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Tenth circle of hell

Reported by Chrish - July 3, 2008 -

I'm wondering, what have I done to deserve this? Ever agreeable Bob Beckel joined the Snipe Sisters to discuss whether the media is being too soft on Obama, or rather, how soft the media is being on Obama.

You can't please these people - they complain that we don't know anything about him, so they saturate us with images and words from people he knows to build a persona-by-association, but when the media starts featuring his "theme speeches" and giving the public glimpses of the private man they complain that they're "suck-up pieces and profiles." It doesn't seem to occur to them that maybe he's not all bad and as he campaigns, he's putting his best foot forward - how unusual.

And it's hardly a first for media to do a fluff piece or six on candidates - there's lots of air to fill. CJR noted, back when John McCain was "also-ran Republican presidential candidate John McCain," that NightLine did "what can only be called the ultimate political fluff piece, focusing on “the women” behind" him, and their shoe preferences. FOX ally Washington Times more recently published an article about John McCain's many superstitions; point is, it's not unusual. (Now you're all thinking of Tom Jones, mwahahaha.)

Coulter, specifically citing Brent Bozell's take on it, told of a "top five" countdown-type list of things we didn't know about Obama, including that he used to scoop ice cream. According to her, it evolved into how that made him presidential material. From that one segment on CBS, Coulter broadly claims that "all they (the evil liberal media) want to talk about now is the fist-bump, how fabulous and sexy this couple is, that he plays Scrabble, and that he used to scoop ice cream."

Beckel agreed that Obama's had quite a run, and has "gotten away with some things.' Ignoring the Jeremiah-jihad, the numerous insinuations that he is somehow supportive of and/or supported by terrorists, and the questioning of his patriotism, all smears to which he is now responding, Beckel said "more power to him; I glad he's on my side."

The two toxic talkers (who shop at the same giant crucufix store, it's rumored) lamented that Obama was making news with his speeches on volunteerism, faith, patriotism and his visit with troops while McCain was south of the border, where, Coulter said essentially, the longer he stays the better. Much as she isn't crazy (HA! you say) about McCain, she thinks "B. Hussein Obama" will be a disaster for the country. Look at the damage Carter did in 4 years, she said, ignoring the far more serious damage Bush has done in eight.

When Beckel called them on their flip-flopping from blasting McCain up until he won Florida in January and now rallying around him, Ingraham protested that they just think "he's running a lousy campaign." Nonsense, of course - they harp constantly on how he's not "conservative" enough; in fact, Coulter had just said that Republicans can't win if they're moderate.

Ingraham suggested that Coulter's next book (because you know she'll be pooping out another any day) should be "If Republicans had any brains, they'd be Conservatives." Methinks Republicans are saying they want their party back, and a redefinition of what it means to be conservative. They can't reconcile their gospel and Gordon Gekko.

Ingraham flatly acknowledged that she wants to see McCain win because at least he's on her side on Iraq and will appoint conservative Supreme Court Justices (who are supposed to be, from my understanding of civics, objective and neutral, or at least publicly inscrutable).

If she had five minutes alone with McCain, Coulter would tell him to change his position on ANWR and change his position on "amnesty."

Ingraham said she's want to amplify the message that Obama is a flip-flopper, and get out the message that Obama represents the MoveOn.org wing of the Democratic Party, but he's just forging his own way and it's getting tougher as the days go on. Right, agreed Coulter, and reiterated that McCain should just stay out of the way and let them go after Obama, but his message is, sigh, he's a centrist, and that never works out for the right.

Aww, the American people have awakened to combat the right-wing media smear machine and Obama is fighting back, handling it. No wonder they fear a fairness doctrine; the more truth people hear, the more they reject the right-wing spin and lies.