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Religious support for McCain greatly exaggerated

Reported by Chrish - July 3, 2008 -

FOX and Friends was all atwitter this morning over the "huge" news that Christian conservative evangelicals had endorsed John McCain - "At least 100 of them." Wikipedia and Sourcewatch revealed no information about the "leaders" (with the exception of the ancient Phyllis Schafly), but the Google did reveal that one named endorser, "Phil Burress, a self-described former pornography addict, has become a Paul Revere for the movement against same-sex marriage." Maybe it's the flip-flop energy that drew Phil to John.

The segment was taken from an article on Swampland, which Steve Doocy identified as a popular blog but failed to note is a Time/CNN website. Drilling deeper to an article by an attendee, we learn there were "more than 70" leaders claiming to represent millions of evangelicals.

The group was quoted by Brian Kilmeade as agreeing "Collectively we feel that he will support and advance those moral values that we hold much greater than Obama, who in our view will decimate moral values," (his emphasis) and are of the same opinion that they have to do all they can to stop Obama from being elected because, as Doocy read, "None of these people want to meet their maker knowing that they didn't do everything they could to keep Barack Obama from being president," according to an attendee who wished to remain anonymous.

James Dobson of Focus on the Family in neighboring Colorado Springs, who has said he "would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances," was not in attendance, because, Steve Doocy reported, he's "working on a book."

The group wrote to John McCain and "suggested, didn't demand" that McCain choose Mike Huckabee as his running mate.

The lower third exaggerated the scope of the support, saying "Conservative consensus: Evangelicals rally for McCain."

Brian Kilmeade finally named some recognizable names who really do influence millions - Pat Robertson, who will not endorse McCain, Dobson, likewise, and Hagee, who has endorsed but from whom McCain has had to distance himself because of extremist views he holds. It all boils down to who do they want appointing Supreme Court judges? McCain has promised to skew the court further right. Carlson concluded that when the chips are down, conservatives will choose McCain over Obama; in other words, they'll hold their noses and vote the party.

This is huuge? Nice try, but not really.