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Fox Implies That John McCain Had Hand in Releasing Colombian Hostages

Reported by Melanie - July 3, 2008 -

John McCain is to the Colombian hostage release what Ronald Reagan was to the Americans released by Iran on Inauguration Day, l981? That's exactly what Fox implied today (July 3,3008) during Your World w/Neil Cavuto.

Nicole Petallides of the Fox "Business" Network was the substitute host. Her first guest, conservative radio talk show host Paul McGuire, didn't talk about the stock market but about the release of the Colombian hostages. The topic was will the hostage rescue "help McCain and hurt Obama?" (The answer to that would be yes, if Fox has anything to say about it.)

McGuire said he thinks, "It's a very happy coincidence for John McCain. I think it speaks well of his leadership. The fact that President Uribe would talk privately with McCain demonstrates that he has McCain's confidence. McCain is a military hero. McCain was a hostage. McCain is a strong military leader. All of the attributes that Barack Obama does not have. This is a man who foreign leaders take seriously. The fact that Uribe would release these hostages during this time of McCain's visit sends a strong signal to the world and to American voters that McCain is a man that the world trusts. It reminds me of Ronald Reagan being able to release the hostages immediately after he was elected and of course, Jimmy Carter was not able to do so."

Minutes later Fox's Steve Harrigan, reporting from Bogota about the release said, "A couple of questions really not answered yet: What, if any role or how much did Senator John McCain know? He was actually present here in Colombia when that raid took off."

Comment: Talk about empty rhetoric. Fox's mission is not to present facts, but to paint pictures.

UPDATE: July 4 - From The Times, which is owned by Fox's parent company, News Corp.: Ingrid Betancourt returns 'home' to France - but doubts emerge about 'daring' rescue.