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Conspiracy Theorist Coulter Alleges Obama Mortgage Story A “Bait And Switch” To Divert Attention From Rezko Or Wright Or Countrywide

Reported by Ellen - July 3, 2008 -

Ann “Boombox” Coulter repeatedly alleged on last night’s (7/2/08) Hannity & Colmes that a Washington Post story suggesting that Barack Obama may have received preferential treatment on a mortgage was a deliberate effort to distract the public from the “real scandal” which she first stated was Obama’s dealings with Tony Rezko, then later claimed was his relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, before switching to the Countrywide issue with Chris Dodd. Coulter never explained who the plot mastermind was or how it exactly worked. With video.

After spending the last two days whining over Gen. Wesley Clark’s supposed insult of John McCain, FOX News, the “We like America” network, trotted out Coulter, the woman who “joked” about poisoning Supreme Court Justice Stevens, assassinating President Clinton and referred to Barack Obama as “President Hussein,” as the sole guest on the subject of Obama’s mortgage. It was a subject she obviously knew nothing about.

Coulter was coherent, albeit more than a little over-animated, even for her. At one point, Alan Colmes jokingly asked, “Can you speak faster? Take a breath. It would be very nice.”

The garish eye make-up, the tight sweater and the ostentatious cross were all familiar but the plunge neckline dropped so low that if she were any less flat-chested, at least one breast would have surely popped out. It’s a shame she forgot her tin foil hat.

The so-called issue was a Washington Post story called Obama Got Discount On Home Loan. As Colmes noted in his introduction, both Obama and the mortgage company said no special treatment was given to the Obamas. Even Mike Allen of Politico said there was nothing of substance there. But on Hannity & Colmes last night (7/2/08), it was the top story.

Meanwhile, there was no segment about the McCain campaign shake up the same day. The same paper, The Washington Post, reported that the changes “are an acknowledgment that the structure created in the weeks after McCain wrapped up the nomination has not served him well.”

Coulter agreed Obama’s mortgage was a non-issue. “They’re throwing that out there to try to distract us from what really is a scandal and that is his dealings with (her head bobbed hyperactively) the man Hillary Clinton called, ‘slumlord.’ And since then, has become convicted felon, slumlord, Tony Rezko.”

Did the Obama campaign plant the story because a smaller bad story would be better than a bigger scandal? Or did the Washington Post do it as a secret favor to Obama? Coulter never explained.

Colmes countered that Obama had no dirty dealings with Rezko.

Rather than prove otherwise, Coulter switched scandals. “This is what the Democrats keep doing,” she said. “There’s a real issue, like with (she paused for maximum effect) B. Hussein Obama’s pastor and then you pretend the issue is people think he’s a (Muslim? Ann “Boombox” Coulter’s last word was unintelligible).”

Colmes had a decent response, though anything less than exposing this woman as a fraud is a distant second best, in my book. Colmes said, “The real issue is the war in Iraq, the economy and the things your side doesn’t want to talk about and the failing McCain campaign. Is John McCain running a good campaign?”

Boomie couldn’t stop giggling. “I told you, I’m not answering any questions about John McCain,” she said.

Republican Michael Steele was the substitute co-host. He also agreed “mortgage gate is not all that it’s cracked up to be.”

So Coulter worked in Rezko again. “(Rezko and Obama) both bought property that had to be sold on the same day. Rezko paid way more for his little slice of the property. Um, Obama paid less than the market value, and then Obama writes a letter to get Rezko $14 million in taxpayer money.”

Coulter widened her eyes, shook her head and gestured with her hands. With the kind of exaggerated excitement that can be heard on barstools everywhere, she added, “I mean that is, actually is worth looking into!”

Actually, it has been looked into and not just by the New York Times, as Coulter implied in the discussion. Media Matters has excellent breakdowns of both the property issues and the letter.

Steele asked if Coulter saw McCain calling for the Senate to put new regulations on the Countrywide types of preferential transactions.

“Well, they sure ought to!” Coulter said, this time in a kind of sing-song screech that also would have been more appropriate in a bar. Her eyes widened dramatically. “I mean the Countrywide stuff with Chris Dodd, that is outrageous, outrageous, outrageous!”

She added that Obama’s mortgage was “not in the same category” as Countrywide. “That’s why I think they’re throwing the Obama mortgage out there to get us to go after that which is virtually, it’s nothing, it’s a pea compared to the Chris Dodd/Countrywide stuff.”

So now the plot is on behalf of Dodd.

Steele said, “And that’s the bait and switch. You focus on this and we really don’t want you to be exposed to what’s really going on out there.”

“Yeesssss,” Coulter said giddily.