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Laura Ingraham's two cents on Wes Clark distraction

Reported by Chrish - July 2, 2008 -

Laura Ingraham added her two cents- and that's about all it was worth - to the Wes Clark media hoopla yesterday 7/1/08. Her sneering remarks were uninformative and only conveyed her disdain for all things Democrat.

This whole incident is yet another myth creation, with a simple statement of opinion being deliberately or ignorantly misrepresented throughout the mainstream, so-called liberal media. Media Matters for America has compiled many of the instances of out-of-context, misunderstood, and misrepresented "analyses" that have flooded the airwaves and papers the past two days. It's no wonder people in Flag City OH and elsewhere are confused about the candidates - the corporate media fails to accurately deliver news and sort fact from fiction, so how can viewers be expected to?