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Ingraham acknowledges rumors in the media, denies harm to Obama

Reported by Chrish - July 2, 2008 -

As a follow-up to her segment yesterday ridiculing a Washington Post article that highlighted the prevalence of rumors in news this election cycle and the confusion they are sowing among voters, Laura Ingraham hosted "old friend Tim Graham, Director of the Media Reseach Center," and "Paul Porter, a new friend, with IndustryEars.com." This "deeper look" was unsubstantive and mocking, in keeping with earlier observations of Ingraham's style.
With video.

Porter started off weakly, acceding the bias came from both sides, and it didn't get any better. Graham and Ingraham were on the same page and feel that Obama is getting a free ride from the press, citing a magazine cover and a warm reception for Michelle on The View, Graham wondering "how tight a hug" they're going to give him. This "exploration of media bias" largely ignored the month-long obsession with Jeremiah Wright and FOX's efforts to tie him around Obama's neck, the "terrorist fist jab" and "baby mama" comments, the madrassah and Kenyan garb nudges, the unnecessary "debate" over whether Obama is part or secretly Muslim, accusations against him and his wife of lack of patriotism, wide-eyed fear of his "association" with 60's radicals, and all the other rumors that have caused such confusion and fear among voters.

Ingraham tried to have it both ways, criticizing the media for repeating the rumors (she got in, again, that Obama is rumored to be a gay, Muslim racist. She called it laughable, but there it was again, ha ha) but also saying the media is giving him a free ride, not being "tough." She claims the media is now afraid to ask questions about his associations, his background, and his views for fear of being labeled racist or xenophobic.

As Ingraham attempted to dismiss the concept that rumors harmful to the Obama campaign were a problem, the media continues to twist Wes Clark's words and message that John McCain's Viet Nam and POW experiences don't necessarily, automatically translate into qualification for Chief Executive. Clark has been misrepresented throughout the media as impugning McCain's military service, even though he is on the record as forcefully honoring that service and respecting McCain personally. FOX is leading the effort to assert that Clark's comments were part of a co-ordinated effort of the Obama campaign and that he spoke as a surrogate for Obama, which both have emphatically denied. This is another, classic example of corporate media following the right's talking points without thinking, advancing the right's agenda. Obama's series of speeches this week have been overshadowed to the point of being ignored, and an opportunity for Americans to learn about his views and background has been obstructed again. Wes Clark has been unfairly smeared and, as Ingraham snidely said, his Vice-Presidential chances may be out the window. Was that part of the plan, to hurt his reputation somehow because he is an attractive candidate?

Ingraham challenged her two guests to bring her a list of five journalist who seem like they're really in the tank for McCain. We can start with Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, Karl Rove, Bill Sammon, Fred Barnes, Brit Hume, Carl Cameron.... Whether they are journalists is arguable - this could have been an extremely clever move on Ms. Ingraham's part - but they all have large media platforms from which to trumpet their preferences.

As always, the discussion was unbalanced, 2:1 conservative, and the dissenting voice was inexperienced and weak. David Brock, now THAT would be a fair fight.