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FOX News: Liberals Livid At Obama's Shifts

Reported by Deborah - July 2, 2008 -

This morning on Fox and Friends First, the chatty trio pounced on signs of division among Democrats. Steve Doocy claimed that the left is angered by Obama's "sudden turn to the right". The discussion continued and the suggestions of strife in the Democratic party escalated.

Claiming the liberal blogs are going crazy, they mentioned Arianna Huffington's post yesterday and Obama's criticism of Moveon's General Betrayus ad. Then Kilmeade suggested that donors are having second thoughts about financing his campaign and hinted that the Obama campaign is being secretive about recent fundraising levels. Doocy said Hillary might be looking good to Obama supporters.

The clincher was offered at the end of the chat when Doocy mention a Wall Street Journal editorial saying Obama might represent more of a Bush third term than McCain.