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Fox Guest: If We Attack Iran, "We're Defending Our Way of Life"

Reported by Melanie - July 2, 2008 -

Fox News dusted off and trotted out one of its mothballed warmongers for an appearance on Your World today (July 2, 2008). Apparently it's time to get down to some serious selling of a war on Iran. Given the rhetoric, it's like deja vu all over again.

Wayne Simmons, a "former CIA operative," was substitute host Alexis Glick's guest. The headline, per the chyron was, "Israeli Strike on Iran: Just Talk or About to Happen?"

Simmons said it's more than just talk. He said it's a "psyops" operation and "it's working" because "Iran has been out there, as you know, for the last two to four weeks saber rattling, going so far as to make sure that the west, specifically that the United States, knows that they are digging 320,000 graves" for the "infidel invaders."

Glick said "the talk" is that "Iran is preparing for something." How "realistic is it" that we would do something and "what might they do to the Strait of Hormuz?"

Simmons said, "It's very realistic that we could be involved in an all-out assault on very, very specific targets in Iran. It is absolute nonsense if Iran believes they can in any way, shape or form shut down the Strait of Hormuz." They could "disrupt things briefly" but "it would be devastating." I can "assure you, President Bush will not tolerate Iran trying to shut down the life blood of the world again."

Glick wondered, "can we handle this situation" given "what's going on" in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Simmon said, "Yes. Absolutely. Would it be difficult to run a three-front war? Absolutely, nothing is going to be easy, but we're, we're defending freedom. We're defending our way of life."

Comment: Far be it, of course, for Glick to point out that we've been doing some major "saber rattling," for six years, since our president, George Bush "saber rattled" in his 2002 State of the Union address when he declared that Iran was part of his "axis of evil." And far be it for Glick - being a "business news" anchor - to ask how our economy will be able to withstand fighting three wars. And far be it for her to talk about what setting that region on fire will do to gasoline prices. And what's this talk about "defending our freedom," "defending our way of life?" There is wide agreement that if in fact Iran is working to build a bomb, they won't have one for several years if not 8 to 10. Oh, and what about talking to them?

Looks like the sales job on this war will be much like the last.