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Dick Morris Warns Obama's Move To Center Could Empower Ralph Nader and Hillary

Reported by Deborah - July 2, 2008 -

Dick Morris covered a lot of ground tonight, 7/2/08, talking to John Kasich on The O'Reilly Factor. Not at all happy with John McCain, Morris accused him of "sleep walking" through the campaign. After the usual rambling about his brilliance during the Clinton years, he touched on the possibility of Ralph Nader attracting enough votes to spoil the election again and the possibility that Hillary Clinton could step in.

Making a vague suggestion that the Obama campaign has used diversions like Wright and Wesley Clark to keep the opposition from attacking him directly. Comparing the diversions to "capes" in a bullfight, he claimed that he used Hillary as a cape in the Clinton campaign waving her in front of the Republicans so they wouldn't attack Bill. He even claimed that he orchestrated the flap about Hillary not wanting to stay home and bake cookies.

Then he started promoting the idea that Obama's move to the center would alienate the left making Ralph Nader seem very attractive. This same message was delivered on Fox and Friends this morning and seems like an emerging tactic. Although F&F didn't mention Nader, Kilmeade asked where the left could go if they turned on Obama. Morris also noted that Hillary "is circling" in case something happens to turn voters against Obama which was the same idea promoted on F&F.

comment: It looks like the new tactic involves creating a media frenzy about Progressives turning on Obama while promoting Nader's message and financially supporting his campaign. Unity is crucial right now if we don't want another tragic outcome.