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Novak and Ingraham commiserate over dwindling Republican hopes

Reported by Chrish - July 1, 2008 -

Fairandbalnced FOX's new program Just In with Laura Ingraham featured a segment today 7/1/08 where the host had a one-on-one heart-to-heart with conservative Bob Novak. They are worried about the hurdles John McCain faces and did a little party innocculation about "Obamacons," a term coined by Novak to depict conservatives who will vote for Obama.

Novak was pretty dismissive of the average Joe who might vote for Obama; his and Ingraham's concern is with the high-profile and influential representatives of the Republican party. Top of the list is Colin Powell, who will surely endorse Obama (per Novak) and may appear at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. He tried to diminish Powell's party credentials, saying that "to ordinary people" Colin is still a Republican and Bush's first Secretary of State, implying that party leaders have written him off as a Rino. Ingraham referred back to a column of hers in 1995 called "Why Colin Powell is bad for the GOP," and said she never got all the fuss about Powell as a conservative dream.

Turning to "McCainocrats," Ingraham said she's heard of Hillary supporters going over to McCain but doesn't think it's a big movement and asked Novak what he thought. Again, he ignored regular voters and focused on the big names. He saw Lanny Davis at a meeting at the Mayflower Hotel, signaling that even the most ardent Clintonites will support Obama in the general.

Naturally, from Novak's perspective, the "Obamacon" is a bigger problem because their outrage is not against McCain but rather Bush and the Republican Party; they're saying nasty things like the party needs a "therapeutic defeat, a colon cleansing, a bloodletting." Ingraham is troubled by the "conservative" malaise, asking what's in it (a McCain presidency) for them? No drilling in ANWR, McCain-Feingold, immigration... she threw her hands up in disgust. Novak thinks that "McCain has come a long way since 2000" (flip-flopped like a fish out of water), but he sees the low morale among Republicans too. It's worse than 1996, when they had a Congressional majority and were going to keep it; now they're in the minority and they're going to lose more seats.

They're breaking my heart here.

They discussed the conventions and predict that the Republicans will give George W an appearance up front and then get him out of there, try to forget, and predict that Bill Clinton will play a bigger role at the Democratic convention.

Ingraham wrapped up the segment gushing over Novakula: she loves his columns and implored him to "keep doing what you're doing forever."

As we've already seen, when there is a liberal in the studio (or via satellite) Ingraham argues with them. It's only natural as she is loudly, proudly "conservative," but it is impossible for FOX to fulfill its fantasy of fair and balanced with such an unobjective host. This segment was a heartfelt pity-party for Republicans.