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Fox's Eric Bolling Repeats (For the Third Time in Four Shows) Retracted Lie About China Drilling Off the Coast of Cuba

Reported by Melanie - July 1, 2008 -

Eric - the oil trader - Bolling of the Fox "Business Network" was on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (July 1, 2008) and dang if he didn't repeat the debunked China-is-drilling-off-the-coast-of-Cuba lie (background here) that he told two times last week:

"You know, I came on here a couple of times with you Alexis [substitute host Alexis Glick] and since then I'm getting emails, bombarded. Websites are saying, you know, we're perpetuating a lie. We're not.

"I talk to oil companies. I talked to drilling companies because I didn't want to be accused of saying, hey, you're talking to the oil industry and what else are they going to say? I went to the drillers themselves. I went to TransOcean. I went to Diamond Offshore. I went to two or three other drillers and they said, clearly, number one, we can get that oil in a much shorter time frame than the ten years. Some said as close as one year. Almost all of them said no later than six years but unequivocally, across the board, they all said that China was probably drilling offshore, very close to our shore, through Cuba and taking some of that oil that, honestly, could and should be helping our situation."

Here's video:

Comment: Is this Fox's version of journalism? Of confirming a story? Find three sources and report what they say as fact even if they "unequivocally, across the board" say "probably?" Oh, and Bolling's use of the word "probably" is new. He's equivocating. You won't find "probably" in what he said on June 25 or in what he said on June 27.

The objective here is to piss Americans off and convince them that China is stealing our oil so they consent to permitting oil companies to drill wherever they want. After all, the fact that Norway and Spain are drilling off the coast of Cuba doesn't carry near the punch as the myth that China is, does it?