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Obama supporters don't get the same respect as disgruntled Hillary-fans

Reported by Chrish - June 30, 2008 -

FOX and Friends gave some time this morning 6/30/08 to the "movement" by young people on Facebook who are informally adopting "Hussein" as their middle names to diffuse any negatives associated with the name, in a show of support with Barack Obama whose middle name is legally Hussein.

Steve Doocy noted that Obama's father, "born Muslim, died atheist," gave him that name. (Note the two strikes right there - for FOX viewers - and no mention of Obama's own Christianity.) Gretchen Carlson, laughing and with her hand bouncing in the "stop" position to calm the viewers, noted "It's a movement, but it's several hundred people so I don't know how big of a movement it actually is..."

Funny, that. As Melanie has been noting, a handful of Hillary Clinton supporters who are now saying they'll vote for Republican John McCain over Democrat Barack Obama have been getting daily airtime on "Your World."

We can conclude that if your "movement" is opposed to the Democratic candidate and/or supportive of the Republican, you get interviews and props on FOX; if you're supportive of the Democrat, on the other hand, you get laughed at and diminished. But FOX and thier friends will claim that's fair and balanced - both sides' supporters got FOX air.