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Ingraham criticizes Washington Post for report, but fails to disprove it

Reported by Chrish - June 30, 2008 -

Laura Ingraham started her "Just In" program today 6/30/08 with a rant against the Washington Post for reporting that the rumors that have been circulating about Barack Obama over the past year have been effective.
With video.

Findlay Ohio, apparently chosen because of it's official nickname of "Flag City USA" was the site of the reporter's interviews, but the situation is replicated in towns and cities throughout America.

First Ingraham spouted some over-the-top rhetoric about the Washington Post being officially in the tank for Obama and the consequential insults one would bear if one were to cross them, then proceeded to mock the author for being young and up and coming. (All this done for the sole purpose of attacking the messenger.)

In high camp fashion, she ridiculed the supposed premise - that one person in Findlay read a rumor about Obama that is false - and then plastered the false information on the screen as she read it aloud. She expressed phony shock and asked where do they find these things?

She asked since when does a major news outlet report on rumors? (See above links, and here.)
But she was being disingenuous - the article was about the problem of overcoming rumors and falsehoods which have permeated the media. She mocked the article some more, insinuating it's a small story that the Post only published in liberal solidarity with Obama. She concluded that the Post judges the seniors who raise these false rumors as legitimate concerns as anti-Obama and hence "uneducated, flag-happy racists." Resorting as always to the hypothetical, she wondered if McCain could expect the same concern about all the rumors circulating about his private life and service? Of course not.

By the way, what exactly are those false rumors about McCain's private life? The black love-child? Oh wait, that was Republicans. He divorced his injured wife for a new and improved one? No, that's true. His pastor? Never heard of him (as it should be). What is she talking about? Obama has been the target of the right-wing smear machine since he became a viable candidate, and we've got an inbox full of hate-filled rumors to prove it. this was just another opportunity to bash the so-called liberal media for reporting that counters the right-wing propaganda she's paid (very well) to spout.