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Fox Is Getting A Bad "Rap"

Reported by Priscilla - June 29, 2008 -

According to TV Newser, Rapper Nas' upcoming CD will have some material that is not so flattering to Fox News. Nas is the rapper whom Bill O'Reilly compared to Michael Vick (News Hounds Deborah) when O'Reilly tried to get Nas's appearance at a Virginia Tech concert cancelled. Nas then challenged O'Reilly to a debate which O'Reilly didn't accept. Suffice to say, there will be a reference to O'Reilly on the Nas CD: "The Fear Factor got you all riled up. O'Reilly, oh really." (Comment: will Nas be subjected to the same kind of "shiznit" that the Dixie Chicks received from O'Reilly?)

Jossip has some of the Fox associated lyrics:

Propaganda / Visual cancer
The eye in the sky / No. 5 on the dial
Secret agenda / Frequency antenna / Dr. Mindbender
Remote control / Soul control […]

Fox has a bushy tail / And Bush tells lies and foxtrots / So I don’t know what’s real […]

Watch what you watchin’ / Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleepin’ / Start thinkin’ outside of the box
And unplug from the matrix doctrine

And being fair and balanced. Nas is also critical of other news networks. TV Newser mentions that ColdPlay has a Fox homage (not) on its new CD. ColdPlay uses allegory in the song "Violet Hill," with images of a fox becoming a god and a "carnival of idiots on show."

Fox News is "top of the charts?"