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Fox Relies on Ex-Clinton Supporters to Tout McCain

Reported by Melanie - June 28, 2008 -

How many average Joes and Janes have you seen on Fox talkin' up John McCain? That's what I thought. But what the hay; Fox has found a way around that: Throw a disgruntled Clinton supporter on and let them (no interruptions) bash Obama and rave about McCain. (Background here.) It's like manna from heaven for Fox.

Below is video of John David Overton a member of Party Unity My Ass (PUMA), the most recent participant, who was on Your World w/Neil Cavuto yesterday (June 27, 2008). Substitute host Cheryl Casone interviewed Overton who was in New Hampshire to protest at the Obama/Clinton "Unity" rally.

Overton said he held his nose and voted for John Kerry (who didn't) in '04 but this year he has had it: The Democratic party has "pushed me into a corner in that I cannot trust Oba, Barack Obama. He lies so much. He goes back on his word. I, I just don't see how he is a Democrat at all. In McCain, I see someone who, although I might not agree totally on his policies, he's absolutely a trustworthy ah, person and in fact a war hero. Um. There's no way, I mean I will be, I will be working to make sure that Obama is not the next president."

Here's video:

Comment: Did you see the glow on Casone's face? Given the scarcity of enthusiastic McCain supporters, what could be better than a Hillary fan who bashes Obama and praises McCain? It's a twofer. Watch Fox continue to exploit people like Overton between now and the election. Hey, anything but mention Mr. 23%.