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To This Day, Fox is Feeding its Audience "Proof" That Global Warming Doesn't Exist

Reported by Melanie - June 27, 2008 -

I happened to catch the tail end of Studio B today (June 27, 2008) while waiting for Your World to start. Substitute host Greg Jarrett was interviewing Joseph Romm of ClimateProgress.org. Romm was talking about how there is a 50/50 chance that all the ice in the North Pole will melt this summer. But despite hearing that absolutely incredible projection (I can't imagine the North Pole without ice!), Fox being Fox, Jarrett had a come-back that gave his audience an excuse to blow off what Romm said.

Jarrett: "Well, here's what I don't get. This year all four major global temperature tracking outlets released data that showed that temperatures have dropped significantly over the last yar. They call it 'global cooling'."

Romm: "There was a very cool January and a slightly cool December but temperatures have bounced back up. I mean, I think people need to understand that, that was just a temperature, ah, ah, a short-term anomaly. This was the 7th warmest spring in recorded history."

Jarrett: "Well, but they said that the global cooling was enough to erase all the global warming for the last 100 years."

Comment: Fox is so bad for America. The damage it is doing here is incalculable. We should be ashamed of it too. Fox is seen in 144 countries - most of which accept that global warming is real and happening - but then people in those countries see this hocus pocus coming out of one of our "major news" outlets? And by the way Greg, who are the "four major global temperature tracking outlets." Afraid to say? Someone like me might look around and find out that they don't exist or that they know nothing about global warming or that they're funded by Exxon-Mobil?

Here's what Romm had to say about the interview.