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Just In a right-winger's reinforcement paradise

Reported by Chrish - June 27, 2008 -

Here's a quick run-down of Laura Ingraham's Just In program today 6/25/08:

Her equivalent of Talking Points, The Ingraham Angle, congratulated the Supreme Court for "(doing) our Framers proud today" after "two disastrous 5:4 decisions that benefited terrorists and child rapists." Yay gun rights, boo habeus and 8th Amendment.

Ingraham never hides her bias or tries to play it down the middle, so any so-called "fair and balanced" debate with two guests is immediately skewed right and weighed 2:1. The first segment, a discussion of the DC gun rights decision between spokesmen from the NRA and the Brady Center for Handgun Control, (the "anti-Second Amendment folks" as Ingraham put it) devolved into overtalking, interrupting, and ultimately, taunting by Ingraham: "But today, you lost and the Second Amendment won - that's a fact."

The second "horrific story, what an outrage" was about a Mexican national accused of allegedly running over a border patrol agent, who was held a few days and then released. This "outrageous miscarriage of justice" was discussed by Ingraham, a "friend of the border patrol' and a Mexican-American activist. The released man, held since January and released yesterday, was called "murderer" even though there was apparently insufficient grounds to hold him longer or charge him. The "rally organizer," who spoke English slowly, was trying to make a comparison and relating a story of a situation in Florida; Ingraham grew impatient and demanded he get to the point and when he continued, she told producers to cut his mic if he persisted because she wasn't going to have that on her show.

Next Ingraham criticized Barack Obama for saying he is bothered by some hip-hop lyrics and imagery but he salutes the genius and business acumen of Ludacris and others. There was a lengthy and interesting discussion with three guests (all African-American, one woman) and towards the end, as one guest lauded Obama for speaking the truth to Rolling Stone, Ingraham, laughing, said she didn't think Obama listened to Ludacris - he's listening to Dylan and Sheryl Crowe, his supporters, insinuating that he was not honest.

After that we got the gal on the street segment, where she mocked "coffee shop laptop people" and spoke with a psycho-therapist who said people are losing interpersonal communication skills because they are involved in their own worlds. One woman approached by Ingraham responded, with no sign of good humor, "I hate FOX News," and when pressed about her "FOX News problem" she said it could be "a Laura Ingraham problem." It was massively condescending and insulting, elitist even, and shows how out of touch the multi-millionaress is.

Father Pfleger was featured next, and promptly filed under "who gives a shit." FOX insists he's a problem for Obama, so will bring him up at every opportunity. Ingraham's buddy Raymond Arroyo, already making a second appearance on the 8th day of the show, was the sole guest to
bolster the guilt by association. They segued into a joint rant over the ACLU's case, brought by 9 Naval Academy midshipmen, about prayer in the Academy - the "tyranny of the minority," per Ingraham. She suggested we just ask Justice Anthony Kennedy since he's the most important man in America. They also discussed the Catholic sacrament of communion - hands or mouth? (Please, don't go there.)

Ingraham was joined via satellite by Melanie Morgan and Michelle Malkin for the next segment, a promotion of an eight-hour streaming telethon raising money for care packages to be sent to our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Other major names involved were Sean hannity (uh-oh, there goes the margin that actually gets to the cause) and Rush Limbaugh. Yay, right-wing! You must really love our troops best - you want them to stay in Iraq but you'll send them deodorant and Gatorade. Malkin didn't miss the opportunity to sneer at the mainstream media for not reporting the good news out of Iraq - like we see on FOX all the time. Morgan declared "by any measure we have won this war, we are winning this war, and we're going to be bringing our troops home shortly in victory."

In the final (thank heavens) segment, Laura Ingraham's big crucifix was dwarfed by that of Dr. Alveda King, niece of MLK, who is urging candidates to refuse campaign donations from Planned Parenthood. King spoke in emotional terms about the civil rights of personhood and referring to fetuses as little babies throughout, calling abortion "womb-lynching," sure to resonate with the anti-choice (but pro-death penalty, pro-war and pro-gun) crowd. King called herself a victim of abortion, because she had two herself (we can assume by choice and not forcibly - which even the staunchest pro-choice advocate would condemn). Barack Obama's unshakable pro-choice stance was of course worked in, and the two shared concern that any tax dollars going to PP would free up other monies to "the cause of abortion."

Good grief. I knew this show was going to be hard-right but thought FOX would try to temper it a little to keep up the fair and balanced facade. Here's a scary thought - they actually have tempered it, and it isn't as far-right as she'd have it without the constraints!