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Fox's Eric Bolling Tells Retracted Cheney Lie About China for the Second Time in 48 Hours

Reported by Melanie - June 27, 2008 -

We know the drill. Dick Cheney or someone from the Heritage Foundation or the Weekly Standard tells a lie and then meekly retracts it but their minions like Fox News repeat it until it becomes part of the lexicon. Such is the case with the China-is-drilling-off-the-coast-of-Cuba lie that Dick told more than two weeks ago. Background here, here, and here.

The saga of that lie continues. Today (June 27. 2008), Fox "business news" guy Eric Bolling told it again - for the second time this week:

"You know, I brought something up a while ago and this is really important. When you drop a drill bit in Cuba, which Venezuela and China are doing right now, in Cuba, you're dropping a drill bit 60 miles off our shore. There's a very good chance they're going to be pulling oil from underneath some of our waters that should be ours - helping our situation - pulled out of the ground, through Cuba and headed right to Venezuela and China."

Here's video:

Comment: Neil Cavuto's audience already hates Venezuela. He's has been riding Hugo Chavez for years. The hate for China is only now being stoked, along with hate for Saudi Arabia. Hate, hate, hate. If Fox can give its "informationally challenged" audience someone or something to blame the sorry state of our country on (anyone but Bush, of course) - lying be damned - they'll stick a flag on their car and follow them anywhere. In this case, Fox wants to convince its viewers to approve of allowing oil companies to have free reign to drill offshore, on shore, in your backyard, whatever because dammit, we don't want the Chinese or that dictator in Venezuela to get our oil. This is Amerrrrca! Oh, and never mind what this would mean for the oil cos' bottom line. Don't forget, Dick oil-man Cheney brought this George Will lie to the world. (Weening ourselves of oil altogether - which would truly free us - is off the table.)

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE / 9:51 p.m. ET: That, on top of this: Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects Drill, drill, drill!