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FOX News Wants Struggling American Families To Get Their Priorities Straight

Reported by Deborah - June 27, 2008 -

This morning on Fox and Friends First, a story about a struggling middle class family forced to make sacrifices because of rising prices was twisted into a bizarre message about the unexpected advantages of high gas prices in the fight against childhood obesity. Crazy you say? Well just remember it was on FOX News.

Two, very thin, young girls, decided to protest the rising gas prices because their family could no longer afford cable or internet. The girls made posters asking people to honk if they agreed that gasoline was too expensive.

It should have been an opportunity to talk about the financial squeeze most Americans are experiencing right now and the choices we're forced to make to survive. Alisyn Camerota might have discussed ways to bring kids into the family economic concerns or maybe the value of teaching your kids about freedom of speech.

Instead, Meme Roth, FOX favorite fat phobic crusader, was there to point out the silver lining of high gas prices because now these little girls would be forced to play outside and avoid obesity. After rattling off stats about fat kids and T.V., the family was brought back into the discussion and they seemed rather annoyed.

The Dad tried to redirect Camerota back to the original issue and the Mom reminded them that the girls were tall, skinny and tan adding that their time outside hasn't changed since giving up cable. Camerota , obviously as dense as a bag of cellulite, asked them if they were going to rethink getting cable back acting as if life without TV and internet had worked miracles. The Mom, not looking pleased, said she planned on getting it when she could afford it.

In the next hour FOX did a segment on the growing problem of anorexic teens. Maybe Meme Roth can shed some light on the media's role in perpetuating that problem. Unfortunately, she might feel that anorexic children are better off than fat ones.