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Unopposed outrage at Supreme Court decision on child rape penalty

Reported by Chrish - June 26, 2008 -

Last night Laura Ingraham and one guest piled on the second, who supports the SCOTUS decision denying the death penalty as punishment for child rapists. This morning 6/26/08 on FOX and Friends First the sole guest, AL AG Troy King, railed against the ruling in emotional terms without any anti-death penalty voice to counter him.

King is shocked and disgusted, and "can't imagine the US Supreme Court turning its back on the children of this country, and siding with pedophiles and child rapists." He continued, they must not have little girls or little boys living at their houses; he has three and "if" somebody did rape one of them, they'd be scarred and have their lives unalterably changed. King, who apparently thinks he knows better than the Supreme Court, asserts that the authors of the Eighth Amendment thought the death penalty was appropriate for cases of rape and the majority is disregarding history in favor of being the moral conscience of this country. Their job is not to enforce public opinion, but to apply the Constitution.

Interestingly, last night Ingraham argued the other way - that they should rubber stamp (what she claims is) the public will, that these criminals be put to death.

He got emotionally graphic, saying they've obviously never knelt down beside a little girl as she described to them the horror.... Brian Kilmeade soothed him, saying he heard his outrage and many people echo it, thanks.

Comment: Again, not defending child rapists here, but how do these emotional people reconcile their "pro-life" moniker with all their bloody revenge lust? Where is the fair and balanced voice asking why life in prison, no parole, is not good enough? As we saw last night, that voice is tag-teamed and interrupted, if it's allowed at all.

This ruling will be used to motivate right-wing voters to go to the polls for McCain, who has promised to appoint right-wing-biased judges to the Supreme Court. It's one of the ways FOX is helping get out the vote for the Republican candidate, reminding them to think about Supreme Court appointments.