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More “Fair And Balanced” Analysis Of Dobson’s Attack On Obama: With Karl Rove As Sole Guest

Reported by Ellen - June 26, 2008 -

There was another segment on Hannity & Colmes last night (6/25/08) about Focus On The Family’s Dr. James Dobson’s criticisms about Barack Obama’s interpretation of the Bible. Once again, the only clip played for viewers was of Dobson, talking on Sean Hannity’s radio show. Obama's response was not provided (again) nor was it reported that a group of religious leaders have gotten together and launched a website to defend him. Instead, we got commentary from Karl Rove, unidentified as a John McCain advisor. With video.

As happened the night before, a clip of Dobson's criticism of Obama led the segment. “(Obama) just essentially trashed all those who hold to traditional Christian views,” Dobson was heard saying before the actual discussion began.

Rove was identified as a “former Bush advisor” but viewers were not told that Rove is an “informal” advisor to the McCain campaign. I’d say that’s pretty relevant to his commentary, wouldn’t you? But somehow, the “We report. You decide” network decided against making sure its viewers knew. As Think Progress has reported, Rove worked for FOX News for 118 days as a supposedly neutral election analyst before his relationship with McCain was revealed. As far as I know, Rove's relationship to McCain was disclosed just once and by Alan Colmes, not a FOX News producer.

Rove admitted he had not heard Obama’s 2006 speech which was the basis for Dobson’s attack. But Rove was more than happy to criticize Obama’s (unreported) response. “I’m not certain I would have engaged with Dobson... There are degrees of response. It’s one thing to say, ‘With all due respect, we disagree.’ It’s another thing to go back at him somewhat harshly, as I thought they did today.”

Funny, how Rove didn’t have any problem with the harsh words Dobson used against Obama. For example, Dobson said about Obama, "The man is dangerous, especially with regard to this issue of morality" and "Obama is pushing a fruitcake interpretation of Constitution."

Rove moved on to lecture Obama. “Obama seems to take the attitude that anything that is said and done about him, he’s got to go out there and go straight at it. And it’s unseemly,” Rove, of all people, scolded.

Then, as an example of just how seemly he, himself, is, Rove took a racially oriented swipe at Obama. “For a guy who says, ‘I’m a new kind of politics,’ when he stands up there and says, for example, that ‘the Republicans are going to point out that I’m black’ you know that smacks of the old style politics.”

Rove got testy as Colmes pointed out some of the attacks against Obama: being accused of being a Muslim, going to “the wrong church,” etc. But, as if to prove Colmes’ point for him, Rove added that “I think a lot of people do think for 20 years he was going to the wrong church.”

But hypocrisy seems to be Rove's middle name. Just one day earlier, Rove, widely suspected of having played a major role in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, was whining about the New York Times "outing" of a CIA agent.

Sean Hannity was a picture of innocent wonderment, as he told Rove, “I can’t think of one prominent Republican of note that I know of that has ever brought up the issue of race.”

Oh, no? I’ve got plenty of examples coming up in my next post.