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FOX Friends amplify O'Reilly's feud with GE

Reported by Chrish - June 26, 2008 -

FOX and Friends First this morning 6/25/08 echoed (in fact,played video from) last night's O'Reilly Factor and another chapter in O'Reilly's personal crusade against Keith Olbermann MSNBC NBC parent company General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt all the aforementioned.

Alisyn Camerota, in introducing the segment, said BillO had some "new information" and reminded viewers that "not only is GE the last major American corporation to still be doing business in Iran," but, as she put it, all that business in Iran has distracted them from multi-tasking and they've subsequently neglected taking care of business in the US, a totally ridiculous allegation and enormous leap of logic.

Video was shown of O'Reilly saying that Immelt doesn't care, it's all about making money - or is it?

O'Reilly's guest last night, Riverkeeper's Alex Mathleson answered that there's nothing else in play here (drat, no GE-hates-America accusation) and Immelt has admitted that the whole ecomagination venture is to make money for their shareholders. The reason they're dragging their feet on the Hudson River clean-up and all the other SuperFund sites around the country is to delay or avoid the costs that they'll incur.

The Friends expanded, complaining (as if this is news?) the river is so polluted in places you can't even take your kids and fish anymore, and GE has to clean it up because they're the ones who dumped their cancer-causing agents into the river (legally, 30-60 years ago).

The personal nature of the chosen subject matter was made clear by the banners: "O'Reilly vs Immelt - Bill takes on GE," as a picture of Immelt was displayed, and "Dirty Business: GE CEO refuses to clean Hudson." O'Reilly, a life-long New Yorker, is a little late to this game - this battle has been being waged for over thirty years. Some progress is being made, with GE dragging its feet and being rewarded in 2005 by the Bush administration's EPA with a reduction of required clean-up. But again, this process has been going on for years and years.

Don't misunderstand - this is no defense of GE. But O'Reilly's choice of stories is a calculated decision to cause public harm to GE's and Immelt's reputations because of personal animosity and an ongoing feud, not any sudden discovery of journalism. And FOX will echo this "news" item to drill, drill, drill their viewers.

Still no mention on FOX of the allegations by Halliburton employees that as recently as 2005 Cheney's former company was doing business with iran - selling the nuclear components. We're not talking Coke and Pepsi here.