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Fox Business Anchor Goes Berserk During Discussion About Raising Taxes on the Rich

Reported by Melanie - June 26, 2008 -

Stuart, Stuart, Stuart! Stuart Varney substituted for Neil Cavuto today (June 26, 2008) on Your World and went on a revealing tirade showing how utterly out of touch the ruling class is and how desperate and maniacal they are to keep their cushy tax code and their stranglehold on power.

You can't miss this.

Earlier in the show Alexis Glick interviewed Barack Obama. Among other things, Obama talked about raising taxes on people making over $250,000 and lowering taxes on the middle and lower classes. Naturally, Fox couldn't wait to start bashing him so the next segment featured guest Mike Papantonio, a liberal radio talk show host in "discussion" captioned, "Stocks Tanking, Oil Soaring: Bad Time to Talk About Hiking Taxes?"

It was a relatively long segment; 6 minutes. In typical Fox fashion, Varney continuously interrupted Papantonio so Papantonio didn't have an opportunity to say much but the gist of his point was that we have 6% unemployment, the stock market is in a "frenzy," the dollar "is the new Peso," and 95% of Americans are suffering. Barack Obama's plan to change the way we tax ourselves is a plan whose time has come.

Varney grew increasingly agitated as the segment wore on, yelling and snickering and repeating the same tired old lines the GOP has used for decades. But his arrogance was was truly astonishing and revealing: "I am rich enough to afford a plane ticket to England or France any day of the week and you are going to make America more like Europe which people like me flee in droves. Socialism doesn't work. Taxing the rich is just your way of punishing success."

Papantonio: "You are talking about an old concept that's been worn out and has been disproved. We're living in the worst economy America has seen under George Bush and the Republicans. They said the same thing that you're saying eight years ago when these bunch of thugs came to Washington and took money away from America's working class."

Varney: "OK. I'm going to have the last word on this because eight years ago when George Bush cut taxes significantly he set off an economic expansion which is the envy of every industrial, capitalist democracy."

Papantonio: Oh, really? Do you envy where we are now?"


Varney: "Look. Where do you think we would be if it weren't for George Bush's tax cuts?"

Papantonio again asked Varney whether he envies where we are.

Varney: "Yes! Good lord man! This is the most dynamic economy on the planet AND YOU KNOW IT! DO YOU WANT DOUBLE-DIGIT UNEMPLOYMENT RATES LIKE THEY HAVE IN EUROPE? But I digress. Mike. It was a lot of fun. You know, it's fun when rich guys get to defend their money. You know. This is America. Join us pal. You're wealthy. You know you are!"

Here's video:

Comment: This is supposedly the "fair and balanced news" network folks but here we see a rich guy using "airwaves" owned by the American people, advocating on behalf of a tiny percentage of the population and against the vast majority, while his "informationally challenged," probably middle to lower class audience looks on. What a sight to see.