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Newfound Affinity For Muslims Continues On FOX News Along With Using Them To Attack Obama

Reported by Ellen - June 25, 2008 -

In an earlier segment on last night’s (6/24/08) Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity accused Barack Obama of letting political expedience trump “core values.” Hannity could have been talking about FOX News and himself as they pretended to care about the feelings of Muslims insulted by the Obama campaign’s misstep of disallowing two women in head scarves to be seated in front of TV cameras at a recent Obama rally. With video.

Once again, FOX News betrayed its true feelings about Muslims with its choice of a guest for the segment. No Muslim, no Obama spokesperson, just President Bush’s former Chief of Staff, and “friend of the program,” Andrew Card.

Hannity began the discussion with this scripted introduction: “On Friday, Senator Barack Obama personally apologized to the two Muslim women who were moved out of camera view at one of his rallies. FOX News has confirmed that not only did Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison orchestrate the apology but he scolded Barack Obama over the incident. Ellison confronted Obama at a Congressional Black Caucus Meeting and according to multiple sources, the exchange became so heated that the CBC chairwoman had to intervene.”

This is the same Congressman Ellison who, in December, 2006, Hannity vilified for using a Koran in his ceremonial swearing in. Hannity compared it to using Mein Kampf.

As I posted the last time Hannity & Colmes made a big deal out of the women in head scarves story, the show has not exactly catered to a pro-Muslim crowd. This sudden concern for Muslim sensibilities just happens to fit in with an anti-Obama slant. Any bets it won't end as soon as the two stop coinciding?

Card said it’s pretty common for campaigns to orchestrate what a TV camera will show behind a candidate. But, Card, added, the Obama campaign is “getting too contrived... I think they’ve just got to let Barack Obama be Barack Obama.”

Hannity readily agreed. He added, “To take away the women with head scarves in this case, back in April, Jake Tapper reported that there were reports of saying, ‘Well, we need more white people up here’ on ABC News. Do you know of instances where it’s gone that far in the past?”

In other words, Obama should show his true colors which, according to Hannity, means someone not so friendly to white people as he’d have us believe. (Comment: No surprise there. Hannity is obsessed with black antipathy to whites.)

Card said he had heard rumors about Obama’s campaign saying they needed “more white people” but he didn’t know for sure. And let’s face it: Why would he? As far as I can tell, Card is neither involved with the Obama campaign nor with the press.

Alan Colmes was in top form here. First, he got Card to admit that President Bush also did “carefully controlled campaign events.” Card further acknowledged that Obama “handled it in the right way.” Card said the whole thing was not such a big deal.

Next, Colmes objected to Card's allegation that Obama has somehow repackaged himself. Colmes said Obama is introducing himself to the general electorate now that the primaries are over. “He’s doing what every candidates does,” Colmes said. He added, “especially somebody like Barack Obama who hasn’t been on the national scene as long as someone like John McCain, who’s been there since the earth cooled.”

Apparently, that upset Hannity’s tender feelings and he repeatedly asked Colmes to apologize (though many guests have made far worse remarks about Democrats without the slightest objection from Mr. Great American. In fact, "patriotic" Hannity has uttered far worse, himself.

To Colmes great credit, he flatly refused. Good for him!