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Gretchen Carlson Experiences Professional Lapse on Fox & Friends

Reported by Deborah - June 25, 2008 -

The F&F crew expanded their line of questioning beyond the energy issue for Bill Richardson this morning. He was asked to analyze Obama's offer to help Clinton pay off her debt, news about the VP slot and what his plans were for next year's Super Bowl. Kilmeade and Napolitano were gracious but Gretchan Carlson was less than professional.

After the segment intro about Obama helping Clinton, Carlson quipped, "Does Hillary even want Hillary to win?" promoting the right wing rumor that Clinton actually wants Obama to lose so she can run again in four years.

Then after Richardson described the plan to help Clinton as "a magnanimous gesture from Senator Obama", Carlson slipped in a taunting question in a tone filled with disdain. "Did Senator Obama offer to pay off your debt when you endorsed him?" Carlson was openly suggesting Obama bought the Clinton endorsement

Richardson smoothly answered their energy related questions leaving little room for them to further the recent Republican talking points. Kilmeade, brash and socially inept, ended the segment with a question about Richardson's plans for the Super Bowl this year since the Clintons wouldn't be coming over. Richardson was uncomfortable but handled it well while Carlson got a good laugh.