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Fox: China is Drillling "Underneath Florida." They're "Sucking Our Oil Right Through Cuba!"

Reported by Melanie - June 25, 2008 -

Dick Cheney Must be So Proud

Two weeks ago Dick Cheney lied and said that China is drilling off the coast of Cuba (background here and as of yesterday, the latest here). Hours later, his office retracted it.

He retracted it? Per Fox, retractions, rescraptions. Who cares?

With video.

Here's what Fox's "premiere business news" show had to say about Cheney's retracted lie today (June 25, 2008):

Alexis Glick: "OK, before we go — because we're running out of time — you had a great point about Cuba. Tell me about this."

(Are you as sick as I am of this contrived, "spontaneous," fakeola banter that's designed to steer guests toward making the point of the segment?)

Fox's Eric Bolling: "Here's what's happening. China, in conjunction with Venezuela — people believe this, I mean, there are people in the oil business who believe this — have either currently, have drill bits in the ground in Cuban-leased land which is adjacent to our Florida land, ready to pull oil out of the ground.

"Think about this for a second. You drop a drill in ground in Cuba, in the water. That pocket of oil sits..."

Glick: "Sits over?" (More "spontaneous" bander.)

Bolland: "No. No. Sits underneath Florida - U.S. territory! - and they'll be sucking our oil right through Cuba, right to China! These guys believe it. I completely concur with them. We need to start working on this right away. Usually it takes years to develop some of this stuff. Some of this stuff, far-out stuff, you gotta start doin' right now."

Glick: "Great point. Let's not be asleep at the switch."

Here's video:

Comment: Despite Cheney's retraction, Fox keeps building on this which IMHO was the plan all along. I'll keep you posted.