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Fox beats the drums for the Pentagon

Reported by Ellen - June 25, 2008 -

Tuesday morning (6/24/08) brought good news about Iraq from Fox News, courtesy of their friends at the Pentagon and unnamed commanders in the field. According to Megyn Kelly of America's Newsroom, the number of attacks in Iraq is down dramatically from June 2007.


"A lot of times, on a lot of networks, you hear this relentless drumbeat of bad news out of Iraq, news that might make you think the situation over there is as bad as it's ever been," Ms. Kelly began. "Well this morning we want to tell you the story you have not heard. The story about what is
really happening on the streets, and the progress our troops have made there."

Ms. Kelly cited numbers from the U.S. Army, and displayed full screen graphics that made her point. "In June of 2007, there were roughly 1,200 insurgent attacks every week in Iraq; 1,200. Now, one year later, that number is down to 200."

Comments: Megyn, dear heart, you are absolutely correct about those numbers. They are for the entirety of Iraq. But, 200 insurgent attacks per week is still not a small number. It is also no reason to get all happy-happy, joy-joy either. You see, Megyn left out a little bit of the story. Army Lt. Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, commander of Multinational Corps Iraq, [characterized] security improvements as fragile gains that coalition troops are attempting to solidify as they build the capabilities of their Iraqi counterparts. Source: Attacks in Iraq Down 80 Percent Since June 2007, General Says