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Dick Morris says Clintons want McCain to win

Reported by Chrish - June 25, 2008 -

Dick Morris made his first appearance on Just In today 6/24/08, not coincidentally the release date of his latest book, Fleeced. (Full title: Fleeced: How Barack Obama, Media Mockery of Terrorist Threats, Liberals Who Want to Kill Talk Radio, the Do-Nothing Congress, Companies That Help Iran, and Washington Lobbyists for Foreign Governments Are Scamming Us ... and What to Do About It)* He performed amazing feats of mind-reading and painted some of those "what if" scenarios host Laura Ingraham is so fond of, to frighten viewers away from Barack Obama and towards John McCain.
With video.

He was first invited to comment on Bill Clinton's vow to do whatever's asked of him to help Obama win and stated that Clinton "will make all of the ceremonial appearances and Hillary will do what she's supposed to do, but have no doubt in your mind, that they want McCain to win." He asserted that in the beginning of the campaign, Clinton voters were pro-choice feminists, but by the end they were people whose sexism was trumped by their racism.

His book addresses the issue of Guantanamo prisoners and, asked what McCain is missing on the issue, he wondered if "the guy's in a trance." He read instances from his book that McCain should use, where detainees have been released from Gitmo and then later caught or killed. Blaming the Bush administration's supposed fear of the American courts and international opinion Morris said they're releasing more prisoners now, and "we" will have to fight them on the battlefield.

In a non sequitur, Morris responded to a question about increased violent crime in Chicago by offering McCain advice on how to confront Obama with "what if" scenarios in Iraq. What happens if, if, if..., all scenarios doom and gloom because of his "wrong" decision to remove US troops from Iraq, no room for "what if" it turns out well. Morris actually played out an entire conversation between the two candidates; this hour should be called "FOX News Make-believe Hour."

*Amended 6/25 11AM. Originally C&Ped from Amazon, where it's apparently too long for them.