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Along With Dr. James Dobson, FOX News Tries To Discredit Obama’s Christianity

Reported by Ellen - June 25, 2008 -

It was no surprise that FOX News did its best to make political hay out of Dr. James Dobson’s recent accusation that Barack Obama has distorted the Bible. But even I was surprised at the lengths to which the “fair and balanced” network went on Hannity & Colmes last night (6/24/08) to make Obama look like a bad Christian. With video.

Hannity & Colmes devoted two segments to the subject of Dobson's criticisms. First, there was a panel discussion with conservative Bay Buchanan and FOX News contributor Juan Williams. Although Williams is often an excellent liberal guest on Hannity & Colmes, he seems to take some kind of pride in criticizing Barack Obama. His record can hardly have escaped the FOX News producers who booked him for that segment (not included in the video below).

In the next segment, FOX News’ bias was really something to behold. First, they played an excerpt of Dobson on Sean Hannity’s radio show earlier in the day (where he could not be questioned by co-host Alan Colmes). Dobson’s quote, which started off the discussion, was: "It terrifies me, the thought that (Obama) might be our commander in chief, might be in the Oval Office, might be the leader of the free world because, I said it a minute ago, the man is dangerous, especially with regard to this issue of morality."

Obama’s response to Dobson was not reported, nor the fact that a group of religious leaders, including one longtime supporter of President Bush, have launched a website to counter Dobson’s claims, called www.jamesdobsondoesntspeakforme.com. The only guest to comment on Dobson’s remarks was Mike Huckabee, a conservative Christian minister supporting John McCain.

Huckabee wasn’t willing to go so far as to say that Obama terrified him but Huckabee was quite willing to do his best to portray Obama as a bad Christian. Huckabee said, “There are many things about Barack Obama that make me very uncomfortable for the country... What Barack Obama has done is to drive his campaign into a sinkhole by saying some things regarding religion that I think will make people who ARE religious (his emphasis) very uncomfortable.”

Huckabee went on to criticize Obama’s interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount. As he spoke, the banner on the lower third read, “Dobson: Obama is pushing a fruitcake interpretation of Constitution.”

“Liberals want it both ways. They don’t want to bring religion into the public square unless they bring it and get to reinterpret it,” Huckabee continued.

Another lower third banner: Dr. James Dobson questions Obama’s interpretation of the Bible.

Huckabee neatly sidestepped Colmes’ question about why Dobson should have the right to push his interpretation of the Bible into law for the rest of us. Instead, Huckabee used the question to launch an attack on Obama’s morals. Huckabee said, “It’s not about his view, it’s about the collective view of Americans who believe that all people are created equal and that every human life has intrinsic value and worth. And when Barack Obama believes that we can have partial view abortion, then we’ve taken away the equality of that unborn child... That defies something beyond anybody’s politics, Alan. That goes to the heart of what we are as a civilization... When you rob a human life of its personhood, as you do with the kind of abortion policies that Barack Obama supports, that’s a serious issue I think for many of us who don’t see this as a religious issue but see it as something even deeper and broader than that.”

Colmes’ time was up by the time Huckabee finished talking.

Sean Hannity, of course, had no problem with what Huckabee had just said. Then, forgetting his recent theory that Obama could be a dangerous radical Stalinist sleeper agent, Hannity now accused Obama of being a garden-variety politician with no moral compass. Hannity said, “Barack Obama is not really an agent of change. I see him – and I’d like your thoughts on this – as the quintessential ambitious politician that will say just about anything and take any position to be president... He just doesn’t seem to have, you know, core values guiding him.”

“It is a concern and I think it’s a legitimate one, Sean,” Huckabee responded.