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Republicans (Enabled by Fox) Continue to Make Excuses for John McCain's Flip Flops

Reported by Melanie - June 24, 2008 -

Last week, Florida congressman Tom Feeney was on Your World w/Neil Cavuto to talk about John McCain's "offshore drilling plan," and the issue of McCain flip flopping came up. (McCain was against it before he was for it.) Feeney defended McCain, comparing flip floppers to Winston Churchill.

Today (June 24, 2008), Mitt Romney was on to talk about a number of McCain-related issues and he gave yet another version of what it means to be a flip flopper. Recall that in '04 the GOP beat that horse endlessly (er, to death) because, according to them, being a flip flopper was akin to twisting the legs off of live puppies.

Surprise, surprise. Not anymore!

During a discussion about gas prices and energy issues, Cavuto said McCain, "has flip flopped on these issues a number of times and confused folks. Is he going to regret that?"

Romney: "When gasoline gets to $4 a gallon, that surely would, hopefully, mean that a thoughtful leader is going to understand what the implications are for our country. [...] You know, this idea that if you, if you change your mind when circumstances change, that somehow that's wrong, that strikes me as being intelligent. People, ah, people who are unwilling to change their mind when circumstances change really shouldn't be in public office."

Comment: Cavuto hammered the notion of John Kerry being a flip flopper in '04 but he wasn't this gracious, to say the least. He brought it up with guests who would rail on about how it showed an extreme lack of character, not explain it away. This crowd of unabashed hypocrites is flip flopping in more ways that one.