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Neil Cavuto Repeats Debunked Cheney Lie — For the Second Time — About China Drilling Off the Coast of Cuba

Reported by Melanie - June 24, 2008 -

Thirteen days ago Dick Cheney told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that China was drilling off the coast of Cuba. Within hours, his office retracted it. Last Friday, long after Cheney's retraction, Neil Cavuto, the managing editor of "business news" at Fox "News" and at the Fox "Business" Network repeated it. Here are the details.

Cavuto repeated the lie again today (June 24, 3008) in a segment at the top of his show featuring guest Van Jones of GreenForAll during a discussion captioned, "CA Protesters Slam McCain's Offshore Drilling Plan."

Jones: "You don't throw away America's beauty for a two cent solution. If we drilled all the oil we have off our shores, scientists are telling us we will, in 10 years, produce .3 million gallons of gas. What that means is, is...

Cavuto, interrupting: "So, if it's so infinitesimal..."

Jones: "Yes."

Cavuto: "...then the Chinese are doing it, the Cubans are doing it, the Germans have just been recruited to do it and we can't do it?"

Here's the video:

Comment: Ask yourself: If there's so much oil out there and if the benefits of drilling are a clear no-brainer, why do Republicans — "fair and balanced" Fox "News" included — find the need to lie about this? Hello.