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Bill Kristol Attacks "Baby Alex" Ad on Fox & Friends

Reported by Deborah - June 24, 2008 -

Bill Kristol appeared on Fox & Friends to talk about a column he wrote in the New York Times attacking the Moveon ad, "Baby Alex" Kristol called the ad selfish and dishonest while the F&F gang urged him on as if relieved that someone found a way to discredit the universal emotions of motherhood expressed in the ad. 6/24/08 with video

Kristol , relying on a very literal perspective, said the ad was deeply dishonest for claiming that John McCain was going to snatch babies from their mother's arms and also it implied there would be a draft noting that it is up to Alex to decide if he wants to volunteer and not up to mommy. He even made the ridiculous point that John McCain would be out of office when Alex was ready for the military. Kristol was pleased that Moveon replied to his attack because that meant he "hit a nerve".

Gretchan Carlson revealed that when she first saw the ad it gave her a "panic attack" but quickly added that she wouldn't reveal the nature of her response. Then she led him into the notion that the ad was "elitist" because it suggested that someone besides baby Alex should defend the country.

Kristol tried to turn it into an insult to our troops and even included an emotional response from another Mom who was offended by the ad. Of course, Barack Obama was brought into the discussion questioning if he would distance himself from Moveon. At the end of the segment, Andrew Napolitano noted that he thought it was a powerful ad but Kristol's perspective destroyed it.

comment: Apparently, Kristol must think the American public is so intellectually challenged that they are only capable of literal interpretation. Everyone got that the ad is about finding a way toward peace in the future so none of our children will be faced with the horrors of war. Isn't it sad that the concept of peace is so easily ignored by Republicans?