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Subtle bias in headline news

Reported by Chrish - June 23, 2008 -

Alisyn Camerota, on FOX and Friends First this morning 6/23/08, made brief mention of nuclear inspectors going into Syria and added a few off-hand remarks that showed her bias and the FOX agenda.

The item, in full:

"Meanwhile UN nuclear inspectors were expected to kick off a three-day trip to Syria on Sunday. Damascus of course denies having a secret nuclear program but other countries have not been so sure. In September, you'll remember, Israeli jets bombed a site where it was suspected Syria was building a nuclear reactor. There's no official word on the delegation's arrival or work in Syria so far, which is taking place under tight Syrian control."

The editorial "of course" inserted into "Damascus denies" implies "what else would they do, admit it?" "Other countries" is the equivalent of "some say," with no facts or basis for the suspicion - but that's all we need, apparently, fear and suspicion. There was no evidence that the site bombed in September was either a potential or current nuclear reactor, just more fear and suspicion. We shall see.