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Laura Ingraham Recycles Fox Garbage

Reported by Priscilla - June 23, 2008 -

On June 19th, conservative Monica Crowley, while interviewed on the Laura Ingraham radio show, claimed that Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama’s statement shows that Barack Obama “has a really solid Muslim background.” Problem is that this story, circulated by the right wing blogosphere and Brit Hume , has been discredited; but that doesn’t stop right wing Fox surrogates from repeating a story that reinforces that right wing Fox meme of Obama-as-a-secret-Muslim (terrorist) and Crowley is a spokes model for the right wing. And to reinforce Crowley’s statement, Ingraham played the original Hume piece which, as I noted above, has been debunked. Ah, the beat goes on and on.


Being the expert in Islam that she is, Crowley asserted that Barack Obama "was born to a Muslim father, which, in Islam, automatically makes him a Muslim.” She then speculated that it’s “unclear” whether he would be put to death because he “left” Islam. She also speculated that Barack’s going from “Barry” Obama to Barack (comment: an ethnic name being very suspect in the right wing heartland) is evidence that he is, like black Muslims, might be “signaling” that he converted to Islam.

Comment: While the reality based media didn’t bother to cover the story in the first place – because it was clearly untrue, Fox is still getting mileage from this. Those who watch Fox will continue to be validated in their “suspicion” of Obama – cuz, as Fred Hobbs said, they “heard it” on Fox. But here’s the thing, Monica dahling (is it Monica’s attitude or bad plastic surgery that has her mouth in a permanent sneer?). Your “speculation” about Obama’s Muslim “heritage” is based on yet another discredited story, in the “liberal” NY Times, by Edward Luttwak, which asserted (among other things) that Islam, liked Judaism, is hereditary. Problem here is that he was wrong, as noted by NY Times Public Editor, Clark Hoyt, who published an article, based on testimony of Islamic scholars, which concluded that what Luttwak said was cow excrement. Ali Eteraz, a real Muslim with real knowledge of Islam, explains it all in his column on the Huffington Post. He states “Islamic law recognizes abandonment by the biological father. Obama's Kenyan father abandoned Obama. As such, any religious imprimatur he may have had over Obama -- which is already a stretch since the man was an atheist -- is null and void. In such a situation, Obama's mother's religion is controlling. She was not Muslim.” He also says “people that appear to be Muslims, but don't follow Islam and choose another religion, are permitted under Islamic law to leave Islam without penalty.” But right wing pundits (Ingraham), who are also employed by Fox News, never lets facts get in the way of its propaganda because facts are unimportant in a "faith based" right wing world.

Media Matters for America has the Crowley transcript and video.

Note: In summarizing the MMFA piece, I did not realize that this was Ingraham's radio show as she now has a nightly show on Fox News. This was not done by Fox News and my report now reflects this.