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FOX Friends help viewers get to know McCain on a more personal level

Reported by Chrish - June 23, 2008 -

Ostensibly reporting on an interview John McCain did over the weekend with a small-town newspaper, FOX and Friends 6/23/08 amplified the "likeability" factor and managed to squeeze in the "war hero" meme as well. Had they not been propping up the candidate, another observation could have been made.

McCain "submitted himself to" an interview with "a guy" who writes for "one of the papers" in the Twin Cities, introduced Steve Doocy. Turns out it was By Bob Sansevere of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and the story appears to have come from Politico.com, a frequent source for FOX. The Friendly segment focused on what teevee shows McCain watches and TiVos, who his favorite movie stars are, and what music he prefers.

He said in the interview, and his Friends repeated the essence, that

"We all loved "Peanuts," although certainly I was grown by the time it exploded or came on the scene. I think "Tarzan" was one of my favorites. The comic strip. I read the books, so I enjoyed that. "Blondie," obviously, was a favorite of my family. I read 'em all. "Dick Tracy" was one of my favorites."

"[Marlon] Brando always has been my favorite actor. [Warren] Beatty, of course. Women actors? I think Marilyn Monroe still is one of the great actresses of our time."

"One of the movies that makes me laugh the hardest is "American Graffiti." I love that movie. I really do. There are scenes in it that I think are really hilarious.

I love all that music — '50s, '60s, primarily. When I got shot down, my cultural and musical tastes, what little I had, came to a screeching halt."

He LOLs at "The Office," and likes "24," "Lost," "Tudors," and "Prison Break."

Steve Doocy made sure to make the point that McCain, having been a POW in Viet Nam (lest you forget), and Peter Johnson (subbing for Brian Kilmeade) added that he also like American Graffiti. HIs unfortunate veering off talking point was corrected by Alisyn Camerota, who ignored that and responded to Doocy, adding that McCain said when he was shot down and captive, pop culture sort of froze for him, so he's sort of stuck in the 50s and 60s. She ad libbed that he "played it over and over in his head while he was captive," so that became his favorite time...which "makes perfect sense," said Doocy.

Comment: Let's face it, he's an old guy. His favorites are from a much earlier era...he was grown when Peanuts exploded on the scene? My collection goes back to 1952, and the books were yellowed by the time I read them, and I'm no spring chicken. My generation prefers 70s and 80s music, today's kids like their own stuff. It's normal. But it doesn't behoove McCain or his boosters at FOX to remind viewers that McCain's youth was some 50-60 years ago, and he is, frankly, out of touch with the youth of today.

There was no corresponding two minutes for Barack Obama, to "let people know who he is" and soften his image as a human being, one of the "folks". And I'm just guessing that his tastes are probably more modern than the middle of the last century.