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Bill O'Reilly Offers Inappropriate Acknowledgment Of George Carlin

Reported by Deborah - June 23, 2008 -

It would have been better if Bill O'Reilly had ignored the death of George Carlin tonight, 6/23/08. Instead of remembering Carlin with some kind and respectful commentary, O'Reilly acknowledged his death during the Reality Checks segment which is reserved for people BOR has decided to straighten out, denounce or humiliate. Carlin's passing was tossed in the mix with Billy Crystal, David Letterman, Reverends Wright and Pfleger , Big Brown, MSNBC and Newsweek.

Self absorbed O'Reilly dug up an old clip from an interview in 2001 showing him confronting Carlin about using "the F word". Then to make it even more inflammatory to his faithful viewers, he left in a part where Carlin is critical of the church, a red flag of disapproval for "the folks".

He included no tribute to Carlin's long and trailblazing career. The best he could muster was condolences to his family and a comment that he was a "witty guy." I'm sure George Carlin would have the perfect response to BOR's lack of grace and humanity. Personally, I find it incomprehensible.