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Fox Disses Gays With Quote From Homophobic Hate Monger

Reported by Priscilla - June 22, 2008 -

Despite the Victoria’s Secret models and leggy newsbabes, Fox is clearly the “family values” channel which serves to protect good, God fearing Americans from Hollywood liberals, those who would steal Christmas, and homosexuals. While this Grapevine nugget (June 19th) wasn’t the kind of overt homophobia peddled by Bill O’Reilly, it was, in its subtlety, quite effective. It was a typical short attention span piece which distilled a major issue into the requisite Fox message with a little kicker at the end – a “funny” sentence meant to create a lasting impression and give the intolerant Fox viewers yet another talking point to use in spreading the gospel of Fox.

The piece led off with a comment about how “two homosexual advocacy groups” (a phrase sure to strike terror into the hearts of the Fox Heartland) are criticizing the awarding of a presidential “Medal of Freedom” to retired Joint Chiefs Chairman General Peter Pace because he has “taken a dim view of homosexual behavior for those in uniform.” The groups (not identified) have said that the medal is “insensitive and disrespectful.” Reference was made to Pace’s statement to the Chicago Tribune that homosexual acts are sinful. The piece than ended with a snappy little quote from Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, (the full name of the organization, not given, is Americans for Truth about Homosexuality)that “opposes gay activism” who said (ha, ha) that “Pace also said adultery is wrong, and yet I don’t see two pro-adultery organizations out condemning him.”

Comment: The issue of gays in the military is now reduced to “humor” from someone who is hardly objective on this issue as shown in some more little “gems” from yet another arbiter of American “values”:

"I have monitored the homosexual movement for 15 years, with special focus on its campaign to penetrate schools...Most parents, especially those living near big cities, simply have no clue as to the many ways that the 'sexual orientation' agenda works its way into their children's education."

"It seems that liberals are afraid of Christians who will run for office as Christians. It's ironic that a group that fights discrimination is willing to basically foment discrimination against people of faith. I just found it shocking."

Some background on LaBarbera:

LaBarbera served as a Senior Analyst in the Cultural Studies Department of the Family Research Council, where he edited the weekly publication "Culture Facts."

He is the founder of Americans for Truth, which called for ‘Decade of Silence’ for Pro-Homosexual School Activists," because of the perceived infestation of the gay agenda in school.

Mr. LaBarbera is the former publisher of the Lambda Report on Homosexual Activism, a newsletter that "monitored the gay movement "using homosexual sources." The online version of this has earth-shattering articles like: "Private Schools Are Promoting Homosexuality to Children."

Pace’s view on gays in the military, which informs the current policy, is insulting to all those gay men and women who have fought and died for this country. If one is in the military, one can have sex with anyone, regardless of marital status, as long as it’s the opposite sex and not be discharged – so LaBarbera’s argument is just plain stupid. For Fox to make light of such an important issue, regarding human rights and human dignity, is offensive – but very Fox!