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Bill Richardson Lets On He’s Under VP Consideration

Reported by Ellen - June 21, 2008 -

New Mexico governor Bill Richardson let it be known on last night’s (6/20/08) Hannity & Colmes that he’s under consideration to be Barack Obama’s running mate. Richardson also let it be known that he’s interested.

In a nice change of pace for the show, a Democrat got a segment to himself for a discussion about offshore drilling. Richardson, the former Secretary of Energy in the Clinton administration, advocated drilling elsewhere other than off the coast of Florida or California along with “a bipartisan, comprehensive energy strategy” that includes increased fuel efficiency, alternative fuels, clean coal, natural gas and even “keeping the nuclear option.” You can watch the entire interview here.

When it was Alan Colmes’ turn, he asked Richardson about the possibility of being Obama’s running mate. Colmes’ first question was, “Has anybody talked to you about a vice presidential slot or anything?”

Richardson laughed and said, “No, no. I knew you were gonna ask that.” He went on to say the usual, “I’m very happy as a governor.” But he also added, “You know, you can’t turn something like that down, obviously.”

Colmes continued, “Has anybody from the Obama camp reached out to you? Has there been any of those conversations taking place?”

“I, I, I can’t talk about that,” Richardson answered.

“Oh,” Colmes said, weightily.

Richardson replied, “My point here is that – Look, this is something that the senator needs to decide himself, on his own timetable. I think you gotta wait ‘til around the convention. Otherwise, what are we gonna do at the Democratic convention? At least get a little drama in it. But this is something that involves a lot of factors and I just want to see this man elected.”

Colmes said, “A lot of people think you’d be a great choice: Energy Secretary, U.N. Ambassador, governor, lower taxes... you’ve got international credentials. You bring a lot to the table.”

“Yeah. Keep going, keep going,” Richardson laughed.