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Fred Thompson: Obama Campaign The Source Of Anti-Obama Smears

Reported by Ellen - June 20, 2008 -

Fred Thompson must not watch much FOX News these days. How else to explain his ridiculously false accusation on last night’s (6/19/08) Hannity & Colmes that the main source of the rumors that Barack Obama is a Muslim, that he’s anti-American, etc., is the Obama campaign, itself? With video.

In FOX News’ typical “fair and balanced” fashion, the network trotted out the Republican former presidential candidate Thompson as the only guest to discuss and critique Barack Obama’s first television ad of the general election, “Country I Love.” The Obama campaign describes the ad thusly: Barack speaks to voters about the core values this nation was founded on and how they have guided him to work hard for his education, to bypass jobs on Wall Street to work as a community organizer, and to lead the fight for America's families and veterans as an Illinois and United States Senator.

Alan Colmes began the discussion by playing the new ad and saying to Thompson, “You know, if you’re constantly besieged by rumors that you’re a Muslim, rumors that you’re not truly an American, called anti-American, what do you think of that response, in terms of the ad we just showed?”

Thompson answered, “You know the only people that I have heard mention those rumors and those comments have been from the Obama campaign.”

Colmes said, “No, no. You don’t read the same sites I read. (not to mention watching the same cable news network!)

Thompson replied, “I’m not saying – well, I’m sure you read a lot more sites than I do... I’m not saying some of it’s not out there but they are promoting the dickens out of this thing. I mean they have highlighted these things and they talk about it a lot and then they shoot it down, of course. You know, I would be interested in seeing besides them, you know, exactly what people are doing out there."

As an example, Colmes brought up Floyd Brown, who did the Willie Horton ad. “(Brown) is trying to raise money by trying to make viral a YouTube offering, asking the question, ‘Is Barack Obama a Muslim?’ and he’s claiming that Barack is, because he was born Muslim because his father allegedly was. So you’ve got Floyd Brown out there, certainly trying to raise money on the right to promote this, this false idea.”

Thompson evaded the issue by making a joke about Brown working for Al Gore.

Eventually, Thompson admitted it was “a good ad... very effective.”

Thompson would not have had to look very far to find “exactly what people are doing out there” to smear Obama:

Right in the same studio, FOX News contributor Dick Morris alleged that the Obama campaign is full of Stalinists. During the same segment, Morris and Sean Hannity theorized that Obama might be some kind of sleeper agent and a Manchurian candidate.

Also on Hannity & Colmes, Obama was criticized for not saluting the flag during the Star Spangled Banner (A description of the discussion on FOXNews.com falsely accused him of not putting his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance).

Republican guest Kate Obenshain attacked Obama for not wearing a flag lapel pin and accused him of not having enough pride in his country.

Beyond the Hannity & Colmes studio, FOX & Friends disgraced themselves when they falsely accused Obama of attending a radical Muslim school as a child when he lived in Indonesia.

America’s Pulse host E.D. Hill suggested that Obama and his wife exchanged "A terrorist fist jab” when they knocked their fists together in a celebratory gesture.

There's plenty more where those came from.