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FOX News Suddenly Sensitive To The Feelings Of Muslims – Now That The Network Can Use Them To Attack Barack Obama

Reported by Ellen - June 20, 2008 -

Hannity & Colmes, the same FOX News program whose guest host said it’s rational for Americans to be suspicious of Muslims, who gave a friendly welcome to a guest who accused a Muslim Congressman of making the country more vulnerable to terrorism because he used a Koran for his ceremonial swearing in, and gave another friendly welcome to a guest who blamed six imams for acting “too Muslim” when they got kicked off an airplane, was suddenly very interested in the feelings of two Muslim women who were refused seats behind Obama’s podium, very much in the sights of the television cameras, because they were wearing headscarves. With video.

Sean Hannity, who for years regularly welcomed as a caller to his radio show Neo-Nazi Hal Turner, made a rare departure from his fixation on black bigotry against whites to include some interest in an incident of bias shown against a Muslim. However, he was clearly more interested in accusing Obama of being a phony than of bigotry.

The sole guest for the two-part segment last night (6/19/8) (which included other topics, edited out of the video below) was conservative Pat Buchanan.

Alan Colmes read part of Obama’s statement and apology about the incident: “The actions of these volunteers were unacceptable and in no way reflect any policy of my campaign.”

“Don’t believe that,” Buchanan insisted. “This is a strategic decision for what’s going behind, what is the backdrop to Obama that the country sees? And they put people in there to send a message from the audience to the country. So I’m saying this was at a much higher level and you know it was.”

As the first segment ended, Colmes read the teaser for the next: “We continue with Pat Buchanan as we continue to talk about two Muslim women who say they were unwelcome at the event which you are currently looking at, by the way, because of the head scarves, and the Obama campaign is serving up apologies, as I just mentioned. But the women’s families say some damage has been done. You’re gonna hear what they had to say coming up.”

Part 2 began with the head scarf incident again. A brother of one of the women was shown saying, “I thought it was an unfortunate event to occur at an Obama rally where he’s talking about hope and change and new politics and he’s talking about unifying the country.”

We never did learn what damage the families said had been done.

The entire discussion about the Muslim women is included below.