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FOX guest blames school and liberal politicians for pregnancy pact

Reported by Chrish - June 20, 2008 -

FOX News is apparently saving the Just In brand for host Laura Ingraham, as today's show hosted by Heather Nauert (she late of The Big Story) was inappropriately titled America's Election Headquarters, formerly the territory of Barbie and Ken Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer. I say Inapropriate because only 3 of 7 segments were election related; the top story was about the "pregnancy pact" at Gloucester (MA) High School. Conservative radio talk show host and columnist, the sole guest, Michael Graham ditched the personal responsibility talking point in favor of the liberal schools attack.
With video.

The sole guest for the segment, Graham held that if the teens had been receiving the message "don't!" rather than seeing the school's accomodation for students who are mothers they would never have hatched this scheme. The school offers confidential pregnancy tests and daycare, liberal policies that Graham says encouraged the girls, 17 of them, to secretly collude to get pregnant at the same time so they could go through pregnancy and raise the babies together.

What happened to shame? was a central theme, and the culture at large was blamed. Graham said he didn't want to be partisan, but.... the left says any aspect of sexual behavior should not be judged. And where are the politicians and legislators? Graham holds that this is a failure of comprehensive sex ed and faults the school for not having an abstinence only program.

Comment: The comprehensive sex ed may not have gone far enough. There's plenty of blame to go around - the parents, the churches the girls might attend - but ultimately these girls have to take responsibility (and oh boy will they ever) for their foolish and immature decision.