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Clinton Supporter Suggests Obama Campaign Threatening Her Family on Fox & Friends

Reported by Deborah - June 20, 2008 -

Today (June 20,2008) on Fox & Friends, Paula Abeles, a Clinton supporter now voting for McCain, claimed she has received threats to her home and children after hosting a conference call for John McCain and 6,000 Hillary supporters. News Hounds reported the emergence of this story on FOX yesterday. With video

Abeles told Brian Kilmeade that 48 hours after the conference call internet bloggers and Keith Olbermann called her a racist. When he asked if the Obama campaign was behind the attacks, Abeles not only did not deny the charge but continued her complaints suggesting that this was the case.

The chyrons throughout the segment promote the idea that the Obama campaign was behind the supposed attacks. One states that an Obama staff member called her a racist.