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Cavuto Asserts That Angry Clinton Supporters Could "Assure" a McCain Victory

Reported by Melanie - June 20, 2008 -

Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto hosted an angry Clinton supporter turned McCain fan today (June 20, 2008), as he did yesterday, every day this week, and almost every day since May 30. This is apparently but one aspect of the blanket, in-kind campaigning Fox is doing for McCain. If, combined with Fox's other work, Cavuto can parade enough Obama haters and McCain lovers across the screen, he just might influence the election. For all intents and purposes, he said just that today.

Cavuto's repeat guest was Christi Adkins. An ex-Clinton supporter, she is now fully behind McCain: "He's a patriot." McCain told her group (Just Say No Deal) last weekend that, "he is not a man of a party. He is a man for the people and for that I respect him." She said, "people do not have to fall in line [behind Obama]. There is a place for you to go. You can join. You can write-in Hillary. You can vote for a third party but do not fall in line like a mindless groupie."

At that, Cavuto revealed The Plan: "OK. If that happens though, ah, you've assured John McCain the victory."

Comment: You go Neil. You imply, by marching these women (well, there was one man) across the screen, that there are tens of millions of them out there. But anyone with half a brain has already noticed that roughly half are on their second visit. What's with that? Ah, I know. You gotta do what you gotta do there at the "fair and balanced news" network. You gotta get your guy elected - boring your audience - or do you call it drilling it in - be damned.

And as for the Clinton supporters: Don't you get that Fox is using you?