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Secretary Rice on FOX and Friends

Reported by Chrish - June 19, 2008 -

Elegant, intellectual, educated Secretary of State could have done much better but instead chose to appear in an exclusive interview with Steve Doocy on FOX and Friends this morning 6/19/08, hitting back the softballs. She talked of Iraq's oil and the interest in economic development there, terrorism and law enforcement, and her VP prospects.
With video.

She voluntarily denied that the US government is not involved in any of the commercial agreements; since Hussein's removal and the policy of nationalized oil with him, the private sector is now realizing that Iraq is ripe for foreign investment and will have an open economy (so all may share in their wealth).

She declined to comment on "the campaign" when asked about Obama's ("pre-9/11, or September 10th mentality" - Doocy) view on prosecution of terrorists, but added that the war on terror cannot be handled as a law enforcement issue because with law enforcement investigation comes in after the fact, and people will have already been killed - we need to act pre-emptively, with intelligence.

She will be speaking at the UN today on the issue of violence against women, and declared emphatically that "it's time for new blood," and she will be sprinting back to Stanford in six months.