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MoveOn ad, Obama camp topics for derision on FOX and Friends with Ham

Reported by Chrish - June 19, 2008 -

Mary Katherine Ham made it to FOX and Friends this morning 6/18/08 to comment on "issues" including MoveOn.org's recent ad and the Obama campaign volunteers who wouldn't seat Muslim women wearing headscarves where they'd be picked up by cameras. Ham, a product of the Heritage Foundation, Townhall.com and the DC Examiner, had predictable right-wing talking points on the tip of her tongue.

The Friends were asking if the new ad, "Alex" went over the top "using a small child" in their "attack" and called it unbelievable, "not in a positive way." Ham declared it "so bad in so many ways," and said the MoveOn supporters have not grasped that we have an all-volunteer military, and they are not victims tricked by John McCain or a wily recruiter (although many were misled by Bush). The ad had just been shown, so it was "unbelievable" and not in a good way that all three of the participants missed the point of the ad - that McCain's "stay in Iraq" indefinitely coupled with his "bomb Iran" fetish will likely lead to a military draft, and the mom in the ad was saying he can't have her baby for his wars.

Calling MoveOn a "George Soros funded group," (the ad was run by and paid for by the 3 million+ activists of moveon.org political action. If Soros is a contributor, he is limited by law like everyone else.) Steve Doocy called their ads "offensive" and asked if people saw through them? Ham replied that they might have been trying to help Obama but may have inadvertantly done damage to him; even though he is pretty "farleft" (there's that BOR influence) he puts on a "palatable" face, but these folks go overboard.

Speaking of overboard, Kilmeade next defended the Swift Boaters of 2004 because they were actual vets, and said the mom and baby were actors! The baby will only be 11 in a second McCain term (um, no, he'd be 9 at most; 1+8, see what I mean?) and he doesn't think McCain will be president in 90 years. (He does this ALL the time, adding disjointed, sometimes incomprehensible remarks and jokes that derail what little adult conversation there is.)

After a break they addressed, in their Friend-ly manner, Obama's volunteers who wouldn't seat the headscarf-wearing Muslim women behind the podium, where they'd be in camera range. The campaign apologized and said the volunteers were wrong to do that, as soon as it was brought to their attention. Both Doocy and Ham acknowledged that the camapign apologized, and Ham said it will probably go away because it's Obama, who loves diversity. But "it's a bad move, it's offensive," and, taking one from Laura Ingraham's playbook, "If a Republican had done it they would be in SO much trouble." Kilmeade promised that it's not exactly going away right now, telegraphing that FOX and the right-wing media will keep harping on it.

Comment: Most offensive was the lead-in to the segment. They had been talking about Tim Russert's funeral yesterday, and Brian Kilmeade, possibly the biggest clown in "news", segued by saying "What would Tim Russert be talking about? Exactly what we're talking about - politics." They then proceeded to this fluff and smear segment with a neophyte, unabashedly biased "journalist" bent on damaging one party to the benefit of another. To even put themselves in the same sentence with Russert was an insult.