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Fox Airs a Hit Piece on Barack Obama Containing Absolutely No Proof; No Evidence

Reported by Melanie - June 19, 2008 -

Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, continued his favorite meme of late today (June 19, 2008) when he hosted an ex-Clinton supporter who is now championing John McCain. This time he accused Barack Obama supporters of "threatening" her but he provided absolutely no evidence or proof, and neither did his guest.

With video.

In a segment captioned, "Clinton Supporter Says Obama Backers Threatening Her," Cavuto interviewed Paula Abeles. (Abeles has an interesting and very relevant background.)

Cavuto opened with: "My next guest says that Obama supporters have been smearing and threatening her since she got other Clinton backers to support John McCain. Now, Paula Abeles is a Clinton supporter."

Break to Cavuto reading a statement from the Obama campaign: "We do not condone these types of actions or comments. People are free to vote for whomever they want."

(What statements? As you will see, we're never told.)

Back to Cavuto speaking to Abeles: "Paula, what are these Obama supporters doing?"

Abeles said she has received, "a number of emails based on a number of Internet blogs that, quote unquote, outed me as a racist and I have been threatened..."

(Yeah? Who says they're Obama supporters? Given her past (see link above), which Fox didn't divulge, any number of groups could be ticked off at her.)

Cavuto, interrupting: "How have you been threatened?"

Abeles: "Well, I've received phone calls at my house saying 'we know where you live,' 'we know you have children,' um, things of, you know."

Cavuto: "Did they identify themselves?"

Abeles: "No. Absolutely not."

(So again, yo, Fox, how do we know they're Obama supporters?)

Cavuto: "Alright. So, you've been threatened, presumably for saying you would jump the political fence and support John McCain?"

(Presumably? The way you presented this Neil it was definitive.)

Abeles: "Well, absolutely."

(Read on. She offers no proof.)

Cavuto: "OK. Now, ah, did any of these people who allegedly threatened you say if you back Barack Obama that won't happen?"

(Allegedly? Again, I thought this was a sure thing Neil. The chyron didn't say "allegedly threatened" and neither did you in your intro.)

Abeles: "Well, I mean, we haven't had, I mean, you don't really have a discourse with people at 4:30 in the morning so I don't really know."

(I think that's a no.)

Here's video:

Abeles went on to say she has received 40 or 50 calls since Monday and then proceeded to fall all over McCain and to talk about how Obama doesn't have enough experience and is "unqualified" to be president.

Comment: So, where's the proof to back up the premise of this segment Foxhole?! Doesn't matter. All Fox cares to communicate is that Obama supporters are so crazed that they'll smear and threaten you and maybe kidnap your kids and and burn your house down (And who knows? Kill you?) if you don't vote for him. Bingo. Mission accomplished.