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Bernie Sanders Offers Some Truth About Offshore Drilling on FOX News

Reported by Deborah - June 19, 2008 -

Senators Bernie Sanders (I) and James Inhofe (R) debated lifting the ban on offshore drilling today, (June 19,2008) on America's Newsroom. Sanders offered viewers some impressive facts and figures while Inhofe repeated the same tired talking points even using the good old "blame Bill Clinton" tactic. Bill Hemmer was right there steering the debate to help out both Inhofe and Republicans. with video

Hemmer playing on the recent Rasmussen Poll numbers, 67% want drilling, opened the debate with a challenge to Sanders that Americans want answers. Sanders said the oil companies are making record profits with some of the CEOs getting 400 million per year also noting that speculation today is raising the prices of oil by 25 to 50%.

Inhofe declared his argument " so bogus" and preceded to blame Democrats and Bill Clinton for the high prices. Sanders shot back that since Bush was elected the oil companies have made a $600 billion profit which they used to increase dividends instead of investing in exploration.

Too much dangerous information at this point compelled Hemmer to interrupt claiming, " I want to get to the root". Then he acted like Sanders' suggestions were somehow anti-business. Inhofe admitted that a"little bit of money" could be made in this "tight" market explaining that it was tight because the exploration was limited. So he even blamed Democrats for the big profits.

When Inhofe brought up ANWR and Sanders interrupted to bring up McCain's opposition. Hemmer did a quick block to prevent Sanders from finishing the sentence. Hemmer made sure that the Republican message "blame the Democrats" came through loud and clear and Sanders' facts and figures were totally ignored. Another debate on FOX pretending to be fair and balanced but actually it was 2:1. Also notice the Republican friendly FOX Facts in the lower third and the poll favoring drilling was repeated three times by Inhofe and Hemmer.