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Mike Gallagher Can't Keep Up With Robert Kennedy Jr. On FOX News

Reported by Deborah - June 18, 2008 -

Only FOX News would think of pairing Robert Kennedy Jr. and Mike Gallagher for a debate on energy issues. This morning, (June18, 2008), FOX Friends were buzzing about John McCain's recent flip flop on offshore drilling and a Rasmussen poll saying 67% favor off shore drilling. Instead of having Kennedy on as an informed voice on this issue, they decided to cloud the issue with the help of uninformed right wing talker, Mike Gallagher.

Kennedy explained that all the proposed domestic drilling would only produce 2% of the needed oil. He noted that a better alternative would be reducing consumption. He made the important point that a one mile per gallon change would generate more oil than could be drained from ANWR.

Mike Gallagher jumped in with a typical radio talking point calling Kennedy's suggestion a "warm and fuzzy bromide." He claimed 2% was "huge" and repeated the daily mantra that 67% want drilling off shore.Kennedy informed viewers that although off shore drilling should be a states rights issue, California experienced an oil spill creating a huge disaster for the state.

When Gallagher challenged him on nuclear energy, Kennedy made the point that the nuclear industry can't get insurance because the power plants are too unsafe. Gallagher's only response was to attack with the same tired points using terms like "global warming crowd" and even bringing up "polar bears".

After the debate, a clip about air cars was shown and Alisyn Camerota called them "ugly" and quipped about air power, "How great! There seems to be a lot of that around here. I mean hot air." Then she made this unenlightened observation about the air cars. " Not going to pick up chicks in that car."

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