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Just In, day 2 - sensing a pattern here

Reported by Chrish - June 18, 2008 -

After yesterday's line-up of guests who share her views (5) and one (1) who debated, where would Ingraham go? Nowhere surprising - her guests today were very famous for their (not your father's) conservatism and the one out-of step character was lectured and talked over, to his utter exasperation.

First up was Rush Limbaugh (phoning it in from FL), who talked up John McCain, easing him back into the so-called conservative fold, and talked down Barack Obama. Limbaugh ridiculed Obama's plans to travel to Iraq ("just for show") and called him "not quite" an empty suit, but he's not what he's portrayed to be - other people are putting words in his mouth and without the teleprompter he's another man. (Is this right-wing projection? Has he not been watching Bush all these years??) Limbaugh says he offers nothing but platitudes straight from the Democrat (sic) Party, retreads of every presidential campaign since McGovern.

Ingraham agreed, saying without the prompter he looks like a garden-variety liberal, but that's up to John McCain to point out. (Slick - why should he, when she and Rush et al will do it for him?) Limbaugh said McCain's got his own challenge in attacking Obama, because he'll be labeled racist.

McCain, as he sees it, is not reaching out to the conservative base on immigration, borders, or drilling in ANWR issues; he's instead reaching to moderates and Independents. This worries Rush because "country club blue-blood conservatives" like Rockefeller, embarrassed by "Billy Bob and Otis" who are "pro-life" (sic), will say to the Limbaughs that they're no longer needed to win, and the Republican Party will be reshaped for years to come.

Plucking an Obama quote from a new Broadcasting and Cable interview,

"I feel that media consolidation during the Bush administration has had the effect of eliminating a lot of the diversity of information sources available to persons who have to rely on more traditional information sources, such as radio and television broadcasts and newspapers."
the two fretted about a return of the Fairness Doctrine - ironic on a network that calls itself "fair and balanced." (sic) Limbaugh turned it around on the Democrat (sic) Party, saying they cannot stand dissent - people who disagree with them. Limbaugh thinks it's absurd to say that media consolidation has resulted in fewer voices being heard today. Liberals just can't make it on radio (they control newspapers and teevee) so they want to shut it down. Ingraham is just happy to hear liberals admit they've lost in radio, so they need affirmative action.

The rest of the hour included FOX reporter Griff Jenkins on a Saudi school in DC that allegedly uses textbooks that promote violence; Ahmed Bedier, a "Muslim civil rights activist," was overtalked, lectured, and interrupted by his host so much it was hard to know what he was trying to say. Ingraham invoked the straw-man "what if a Catholic school had done it; it would be all over the liberal media" shtick, immediately losing her argument. (More on that in another post.)

Following that 2-parter was a segment with Armstrong Williams and Niger Innis, both black conservative men, who discussed the dilemma facing their particular demographic in the presidential race. When Williams said he might, maybe, possibly vote for Obama, Ingraham about had a cow. She challenged him to name three issues on which he could agree with Obama, and when he ventured "he gives hope," she had a friendly hissy fit. (She is long-time friends with both men. It IS old home week!)

To cap off the hour was Jonah Goldberg, who argued for drilling in ANWR and off the coasts. Ingraham threatened promised that she'd be hammering the domestic production issue for the next few weeks (as we've noted, Cavuto, O'Reilly, FOX and Friends and Hannity are already there). They mocked and ridiculed environmental concerns, and Goldberg offered that "Almost everything we hear about the place (ANWR) is full of mythology and, and, and sort of patent nonsense. And the only reason people think it's pristine, it's 'cause they haven't been there." Why, if Bill Clinton hadn't vetoed drilling ten years ago, we'd have that oil today, and we could be off Saudi oil in a matter of years - yes, he really blamed Clinton.

Greta Van Susteren made an appearance,weighing in on two legal cases, and the hour ended with "Power to the people," an uplifting segment about a group of American kids sending soccer equipment to Iraqi kids.

It just doesn't get any more fair and balanced than this - on FOX, anyway.