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Ingraham badgers Muslim civil rights activist

Reported by Chrish - June 18, 2008 -

Just In's Laura Ingraham again had a ratio of 5 conservatives : 1 not on yesterday's Just In 6/17/08. After listening respectfully to Griff Jenkins' report (complete with video, a polished and edited piece) on Saudi-funded Islamic schools in the USA which are allegedly using textbooks that promote violence, host Laura Ingraham promised another view, from Ahmed Bedier, a Muslim civil rights activist. He was not treated with the same respect.
with video.

Jenkins' story targeted one school in Washington, and interview footage with the Director of Education showed him saying that the offending passages had been removed some time ago. A demonstration, which seemed to be coordinated with the FOX team's presence, was led by the "Traditional Values Coalition." This group in turn is led by the father-daughter team of Louis Sheldon and Andrea Lafferty, who appeared on camera. Their organization radically opposes LGBT rights, calling gay marriage "inappropriate, immoral, and invalid" and was involved with Jack Abramoff. After Jenkins finished and left hanging the specter of thousands of Muslim schools across the country possibly using the same texts invoking violence against "apostates", Ingraham tasked him with checking them out to see if any of the other schools' books had not been cleaned up yet.

Turning to Bedier, she didn't address the reality but rather asked him to imagine if the Vatican were funding Catholic schools that in turn promoted horrible things; she imagines the Washington Post and the New York Times and every media outlet going after the Vatican. He responded that he doesn't have to imagine it, and cited Hagee, Falwell, and Robertson. She quickly pointed out the Hagee and Falwell aren't Catholics, and when he continued in generalities about anti-Muslim hate in America she interrupted and stopped him. She reiterated Jenkins' story and said her question to him then was if being a faithful Muslim means accepting the violent rhetoric, and if not, why did it end up in a textbook?! (Her voice rose as she posed the question until she was shouting at the end.) He suggested that the report was incorrect, and that old textbooks from Saudi Arabia were seen and assumed to be used in the USA. Ingraham proceeded to lecture and rant, and when she finally let him speak, she overtalked and interrupted more. He pointed out that the children attending the DC school were at risk, with "these nutjobs" on the corner inciting against them and their school. Ingraham dismissed him and ended the segment.

This show will quickly become the poster child for FOX tactics and imbalance.